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  • Essays of Maritime Studies Vol1

    Essays in Maritime Studies- by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd)

    A compilation of select papers presented during the annual seminars of the Society from 1978 to 1992 are grouped in four sections : The Maritime Watershed 16th Century, Shipping & Shipbuilding in the 17th & 18th centuries, The Origin of the Indian Navy & Ports of Ancient, Medieval & Modern India.

  • Sea and Hill Forts of western India

    Sea & Hill Forts of Western India Wg Cdr (Dr MS Naravane (Retd) (1998)

    The book covers 26 main & secondary forts of Western India.These forts have been grouped under Island forts, Coastal Forts & Hill Forts. The volume depicts rare aerial views of the forts by Shri Gopal Bodhe.

  • Heritage Sites of Maritime Maharashtra

    Heritage Sites of Maritime Maharashtra Wg Cdr (Dr MS Naravane (Retd) (2001)

    The coast of Maharashtra is dotted with forts, churches,lighthouses, temples & other sites of immense importance in the times gone by. The book covers a total of 170 such sites with maps, diagrams & photos.

  • Heritage of Indian Sea Navigation

    Heritage of Indian Sea Navigation by Prof B Arunachalam

    The book is the outcome of over 2 decades of research in the investigation of traditional tools & techniques of Indian sea-fearers who have contributed to the rich maritime heritage of India. The Appendix that carries English versions of excerpts from handwritten sailors’ manuals in coastal dialects of different Indian languages is the books vital component.

  • Essays in Maritime Studies Vol 2

    Essays in Maritime Studies, Vol II by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) (2002)

    It has a total of 28 essays under 5 broad themes – Traditional shipbuilding, Ancient & Medieval Ports, Traditions of Indian Navigation, Nautical Cartography & Coastal Ecology. It is hopes that these Essays will trigger research & enquires into our maritime past.

  • Chola navigation Pakage

    Chola Navigation Package by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd)

    The naval expedition was the culmination of maritime experience over a period of about four centuries (since Pallava days).This cumulative nautical wisdom has come to be recognized as the Chola Navigation Package.

  • Mumbai by the Sea

    Mumbai By the Sea by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd)

    This is a book on the rich maritime heritage of Mumbai & its waters ever since the beginning of Christian Era. About Urban Mumbai and its modern ports since the days of the East India Company has been written in the book.

  • Navigational Hazards, landmarks and Early Charting

    Navigational Hazards, Landmarks and Early Charting – Special Study of Konkan and South Gujarat by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd), Prof Mary Edward and Prof Sachin Pendse (2007)

    Part I of the book deals with numerous seen & unseen underwater hazards in near shore coastal water & river mouths along Indian Coast. Part II, is a special study of the coast of Konkan & South Gujarat, and their submarines morphology, littoral circulation pattern & sailing hazards as specific illustrations of the discussions in the first part.

  • Environmental History of Maritime Forts in and around Mumbai

    The Environmental History of Maritime Forts in and around Mumbai by Dr Sudha Srivastava and Dr Dipti Mukherji (2008)

    The present study seeks to examine the historical importance of coastal forts & fortresses in the immediate hinterland with respect to their geographical locations in the past as well as present. The objective of this study is to understand the role of the sea in the maritime heritage & history of the region.

  • Uncertain Life and Sure Death

    Uncertain Life And Sure Death: Medicine And Mahamaari In Maritime Mumbai by Kalpish Ratna (2008)

    This book traces the very scury & bloody types of Plagues that haunted Mumbai for over 5 centuries.It also reveals the troubling story of Medicines and Mahamaari in maritime Mumbai.

  • Indian Boat Designs and Forms

    Indian Boat Designs and Forms by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) (2009)

    The intricacy of their designs & forms varied immensely, depending upon the skills & expertise of the master – carpenters. What is more fascinating is the fact that the master-builder had no drawn plans of boat architecture. The present book seeks to piece together all this knowledge of boat designs & forms as gathered from field work & a few earlier writings.

  • Maritime Heritage of Southern Penisular India

    Maritime Heritage of Southern Peninsular India by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) (2010)

    Maritime Heritage is the inherited & natured acquisition of cultural, social & technological traits reflecting interaction with the sea.The present book examines various aspects of the maritime heritage of the southern region as reflected in the languages, living practices, tools & traditions. The book is illustrated with maps, line drawings & photographs.

  • Maritime Heritage of Konkan

    Maritime Heritage of Konkan-by Shri Sachin Pendse -2011

    The book is an attempt to look into this rich maritime heritage of Konkan along with the physical factors that influenced its maritime character. It also dwells into the aspects of traditional boat building techniques, types of boats, navigational wisdom & the achievements of the Maratha Navy.

  • Maritime Heritage of Lakshwadeep and Minicoy Islands

    Maritime Heritage of Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) (2011)

    The book studies the maritime heritage of Lakshadweep & Minicoy Islands. They are all small coral islands that lie about 250 – 300kms west of the coast of Kerala. Only ten of the islands are peopled since the medieval ages. Because of their insularity, the islands retain most of their age-old tradition and boat forms.

  • Maritime Heritage of Goa and uttar kannada

    Maritime Heritage of Goa and Uttar Kannada by Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) & Dr Sachin Pendse (2012)

    This book covers a part of the West Coast of India from Terekhol to Bhatkal. The maritime traditions of the region vis-a-vis its boat form, navigation wisdom, deities and beliefs are a blend of traditions of Malabar on one hand & South Konkan on the other.

  • Maritime Heritage of Gujarat, Katiwad and Kutch

    Maritime Heritage of Gujarat, Kathiawad and Kutch by Mrs Mary R Edward (2013)

    The maritime history of Gujarat is replete with references about her sea-fearing traditions and is not only in the archaeological findings, but also in the literature, sculptures, their living practices, customs, trade account and others. Gujarat is the country’s principal maritime state & its coastline over 1600kms(one third of the India’s coastlines).

  • Timeless Wake

    Timeless Wake: The Legacy Of The Royal Indian Navy During World War II by Cmde Odakkal Johnson (2013)

    Timeless Wake reveals long term imprint of our naval predecessor, the Royal Indian Navy, in an eventful decade prior to Independence. Set as a seamless bridge from our mercantile & military maritime heritage to emerging Navy of young India, it unfolds action from 1939 to 1945, across a wide theatre

  • The First Indian

    The First Indian: Story of the First Indian Solo Circumnavigation under Sail (Paper Back) by Commander Dilip Donde (2014, 2015)

    An engrossing narrative of one man’s struggle to achieve his dreams against all odds, this book strikes a deep chord on many levels – on the hand, it is a fast paced adventure, on the other, a telling commentary on how heroes are often made despite the system they operate in by dint of sheer perseverance & commitment to a chosen path. With very little knowledge & idea on the subject Commander Donde volunteered to undertake the project for India Navy. The book chronicles his progress over 4 years when he built a suitable boat, waved his way through the sea & sailed solo around the world with four stops enroute.

  • Maritime Heritage of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha>

    Maritime Heritage of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha - by Smt & Shri.Sukumar-Prof B Arunachalam (Retd) (2015)

    Part I of the book cover the maritime heritage of coastal Andhra Pradesh, its physical environment, coastal & near shore waters, ancient, medieval, colonial & modern posts, navigational hazards and maritime trade emanating from the ports.
    Part II of the book covers the maritime heritage of Odisha based on field studies of the area in three seasons. Many archeological excavations were also visited to gather direct information.

  • Essays in Maritime Studies Vol 3

    Essays in Maritime Studies, Vol – III’ by Dr Sachin Pendse and Cmde Odakkal Johnson (2016)

    This book like the other 2 volumes, has text of papers gleaned from the contents of successive Monsoon Lectures, Founder’s Day addresses and other talks delivered. It presents a compilation of selected speeches & addresses by distinguished historians & research by those interested in the study of Indian Maritime affairs.

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