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MHS conducts regular maritime-themed programmes and activities ranging from Outreach Exhibitions to Talks, Conversations and Seminars to bring together scholarship and awareness of Indian Maritime History & Heritage.

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Maritime History Society was founded by Late Vice Admiral MP Awati on 12 May 1978. Every year the Maritime History Society marks the occasion with a commemorative lecture. This year, MHS organised the 44th Founder Day celebration on 12 May 2022 from 1630h to 1830h. The event was organised as a Commemorative Lecture on the theme of “India’s Sea Power and Conflict between 16th -18th centuries” and was hosted at the Mulla Auditorium, Navy Nagar, Colaba. The Inaugural Address was delivered by Commodore Aasheesh Khanna, Director MHS followed by a Thematic Address by Vice Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, AVSM, VSM, Chief of Staff, Western Naval Command and Chairman MHS. The invitational guest speaker for the event was Dr Ruby Maloni, former Professor and Head, Department of History, University of Mumbai. In her talk, titled ‘Windows to the Ocean: Indian Ports with their Foreland and Hinterland (16th to 18th Centuries), she emphasised on the significance of Indian ports in shaping India’s history. The event formally concluded with the Vote of Thanks which was delivered by the seminar coordinator Ms Janhavi Lokegaonkar, Senior Research Associate, MHS. This was the first post-pandemic offline event for MHS and was predominantly attended by naval personnel and maritime enthusiasts.

MHS conducted the Annual Maritime History Conclave 2021. ‘Early and Medieval Maritime History’ is the central theme with a contemporary twist of International Relations. The first session involved the Indian Nautical Knowledge whereas the second session addressed Historical Narratives of the Maritime Security of India. Watch the recordings here


As part of the Monsoon Musings I, MHS had held a webinar on 02 July 2021, commemorating the death anniversary of CNS Late Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni. He was not only the 14th Chief of Naval Staff but also a Chief Patron of MHS. To continue the commemoration, we are glad to announce an Essay Competition in memory of Late Adm J G Nadkarni.  


MHS is proud to announce Kalasagar 2021 Annual Visual Arts Competition under the theme of "Oceans and Communities". We invite participants for video submissions with a focus on these indigenous coastal communities and their ties to the ocean and the sea.


MHS announced the Monsoon Musing III of 2021 was conducted on 07 September. Based on the theme of “Emerging scope for Underwater Cultural Heritage and Maritime Archaeology”, the symposium was organised as a tribute to the Late Vice Admiral M P Awati, Founder of MHS. The curtain raiser article - Ships and Sailors in Sacred lore: A Curtain Raiser to the MP Awati Commemorative Symposium 2021 can be read here.


The Second Monsoon Musing 2021 has been converted to – Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav - a digital symposium with the theme of the "Navy and 75 years of Nation-building". This special event was conducted by Maharashtra Naval Area on behalf of the Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy. The event was conducted on 09 Aug 2021 from 1500h to 1800h with a number of eminent dignitaries sharing the stage


MHS announces Monsoon Musing I of 2021 to be conducted on 02 July. Based on the theme “Legacy of Seafaring and Nautical Practice in the Indian Context”, the talk is organized as a tribute to Late Admiral JG Nadkarni, our erstwhile Chief Patron.


The year 2021 marks the 43rd year of MHS in being. Late Vice Admiral MP Awati founded Maritime History Society on 12 May 1978. Every year, the Society marks the occasion with a commemorative talk, conversation or symposium. This year on 12 May 2021, the event is planned as a commemorative online symposium.

43rd Founder Day Symposium: The symposium this year is conceptualised under the theme of “Heritage Canvas of North Konkan Coast: A Maritime Treasure”


Maritime History Society in collaboration with Indian Maritime University, Visakhapatnam Campus organized a two days workshop, “Maritime History of India: A Manthan” on the theme of “Culture, Commerce and Connectivity”. The aim was to further elaborate upon the Maritime India Vision 2030 in the form of stepping stone for the larger initiative in maritime journey

MHS Team express deep sympathies and condolences to family and friends of Mr.U.S.Ramesh who left for his heavenly abode on 06 May 2021,a few days after this event. Mr.U.S.Ramesh was the moderator for the IMU Workshop 2021.

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The year 2021 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Indian Naval Uprising. The Maritime History Society in collaboration with the Department of Civics & Politics, University of Mumbai organized an academic seminar titled “Naval Uprising 1946: Span and Significance”. It's aim was to commemorate, reinvestigate and reimagine this key event which historians agree, had signaled the end of the British rule in India.


True to its mission of awakening maritime consciousness, the Maritime History Society held an annual seminar on a specific element of maritime attention. With time ripe to upgrade the focus at the national scale MHS sought to draw attention to some aspects of Indian maritime history that have had lower mileage and their role in India’s long maritime past. A two-day National Maritime Heritage Conclave was envisaged on 18-19 November 2020 from 1000h to 1300h on both the days. The central theme of the Conclave: “Exploring Unsung Frames in Indian Maritime History” explored the various subaltern historical narratives for their richness and diversity.


The theme for the essay competition was "Reflections on Indian Nautical Knowledge: Past, Present, and Ways Ahead". This theme was chosen to stimulate thoughts and discussions about India's contribution to nautical knowledge. There are various things that help mariners navigate: from close observation of the celestial bodies to the contemporary cutting edge digital technology. As an organization steering research on Indian contribution to nautical knowledge, we were interested in investigating Indian contribution to nautical knowledge in the past, and the research happening in the said field in contemporary times that can reinvent future at sea.


Maritime History Society concluded its annual Monsoon Musings series with a Commemorative Conversation honouring founder Chairman and the Grand Sire Vice Admiral Manohar Awati. Titled "Maritime Legacy: Extraordinary Voyagers", the musings were held on 07 Sep 2020. The in-house team at MHS presented a genealogy of Indian maritime heroes since the ancient times in the form of an audio visual presentation. Vice Adm RB Pandit, Chief of Staff of Western Naval Command, delivered the opening remarks. Since the day marks Adm Awati's birth anniversary, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Clipper Ventures Plc, paid a tribute to the legend and extraordinary voyager. Vice Admiral AR Karve (Retd), delivered the closing remarks. The programme concluded the Musings but inaugurated the series to celebrate the fascinating lineage of maritime heroes India has produced.


Monsoon Musing 3 was a panel discussion on the topic “Maritime Dimension Through and Post Pandemic” among Dr Malini Shankar, Dr Satheesh Shenoi, Capt Arun Sabnis, and Nitin Pai. The panelists discussed the he dimensions affecting maritime education, oceanography, geopolitics, and the situation on the ports.


Monsoon Musing 2 was a celebration of the sea through literary readings. The in-house read excerpts from prose and poetry from world literature. Author, Curator and Translator Anjali Purohit delivered closing remarks concluding with a reading of one of her poems.


Monsoon Musing 1 was Late Adm JG Nadkarni Memorial Talk delivered by his son and serving officer of the Indian Navy, RAdm RJ Nadkarni on the topic “Navigational Methods of Ancient Mariners”. The speaker provided an overview of different methods used by Phoenicians to Romans in the ancient world.


Founder Day Commemoration 2020


Instead of a regular symposium or conversation, the Founder Day Commemoration 2020 was held as pre-recorded short clips broadcast on MHS You Tube Channel. The channel premiere was on 12 May 2020 as MHS completed 42 years. First two clips covered the history and operations through time. The grand finale was broadcast on 27 May 2020.

Maritime Workshop at Central University of Gujarat

CUG-Workshop Maritime Journey of Contemporary Indian Security : Feb 2020