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Invest in Enhancing Maritime Consciousness : Come & Contribute Financially

The pandemic made us Socially Distant and yet it failed to hinder our effort to Curate Consciousness of Indian Maritime Heritage. Hard work put in by our Team needs to sustained through better Digital Resources and Support the Research Projects in a manner that no Intellectual Initiative lacks the essential Grants to progress further.May we seek your help to consolidate our resources to build awareness of Indian Maritime History and Heritage doesn’t stop?  

Our sustainability depends on the funds we manage to collect from leaders like you who strongly believe in giving back to the society. We ask you to support our cause that our maritime heritage and consciousness deserve more respect and attention than they are given at present.

 We have a significant digital presence on the web and the social networks that has gained us a lot of traction for quite some time. We are very active digitally and being associated with us brings opportunities in: 

  • Visibility on our digital assets
  • Advertisements in our newsletter
  • Prominence on the venue of the event
  • Access to an well-informed exclusive audience
  • 80G benefit

 The funds coming from you will help us direct resources to our projects due for completion in the near future. The need is dire: if supporters like you let it go unheeded, the consequences to our work as an organisation will be immediate and devastating.

 Come, Let Heritage Awaken Maritime Consciousness.


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