Sagarbhav - Open for Your Submissions

Awakening Maritime Consciousness through Creativity.

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Sagarbhav is an initiative by Maritime History Society to take its mission of using heritage to awaken maritime consciousness. MHS intends to harness literature and creative expressions as a complement to its existing research projects.

Genres Invited:
As a part of the initiative, all amateurs and practitioners of creativity would be invited to send their submissions that will be published on the website and perhaps eventually in Sagardhara.
The textual or semi-textual submissions could be in the form of:

1. Poems

2. Stories

3. Essays


5. Comic art

6. Humour

The themes for inspiration would include different aspects of intersections between the maritime medium on the one hand, and life and creativity on the other.
Some examples of themes are:

1. Journeys

2. Challenges

3. Conquests

4. Folk literature

5. Mythology

6. History

7. Tributes to the Sea

8. Navy and Naval Power

Language - English and Translations in English:
Though English pieces would be published, non-English pieces, especially from the classical Indian texts would also be promoted and fresh translations solicited. There may be several amateur translators who may express interest in translating a folk song (which does not have copyright issues) into English. MHS would thus be creating a space for conversations about the maritime medium as well as a pool of resources or a rich network which can enable further discussions about India's maritime history and heritage.


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