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  • CaptMulla

    Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla, MVC, an officer of the Indian Navy and the Commanding Officer of INS Khukri, chose to go down with his ship when his ship was sunk during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971

  • Bells

    A ship's bell is a bell on a ship that is used for the indication of time as well as other traditional functions. The bell itself is usually made of brass or bronze, and normally has the ship's name engraved or cast on it

  • Crests

    Naval heraldry commonly takes the form of a badge, seal,crest, or coat of arms designed specifically for a ship

Our Library

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MHS has a wide variety of books and artefacts which together constitute Building & nurturing a wide range of resources that powers our research into the maritime medium.Our library is accessible to readers and scholars interested in Indian Maritime History and Maritime Studies in general.

Artefacts & More

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We have a huge collection of articles from decommissioned ships along with educational materials and a reservoir of documents that reflect the history of MHS and its engagement with Indian maritime history.

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A Message from the Curator

Maritime History Society is an organisation where all enthusiasts in maritime affairs can learn about the richness and diversity of the Indian maritime history and heritage.

The Maritime History Society in its constant endeavors aims to promote outreach activities through its educational programs, and our in-house Library serves to collect  and disseminate information related to maritime studies.

Our MHS Gallery collections include a variety of objects and artifacts that represent our Indian Naval Maritime Heritage. In order to provide the best experience of our Indian maritime saga, we offer pre-scheduled visit of our premises to showcase our gallery and give a guided tour of the Indian maritime  history and heritage.

MHS provides with a plethora of opportunities to experience amazing and diverse expressions of creativity and contribute to bringing forth a new breed of intellectuals and scholars driven with a maritime outlook for the advancement of the nation.