The Maritime History Society (MHS), under the aegis of the Western Naval Command, came into being in 1978 to rekindle interest and spread awareness of our maritime traditions and heritage amongst the naval fraternity as also to the public at large. In this endeavor, MHS is guided by its inspiring vision – “The Maritime History Society seeks to evolve into a body of eminence in the field of Maritime History through nurturing of historical research among young mariners, showcase Indian Maritime Heritage and publication of emerging perspectives for a resurgent and vibrant Maritime India.”

The objective of the Programme

The MHS Internship Programme is solely designed for students undertaking research in activities relating to the work of the Organization for the main purpose of writing their dissertation or to further their own research. While conducting their research at the Organization, interns will also have the opportunity to observe and gain insight into the functioning of our organization. Interns may meet MHS experts and observe the proceedings of committees or governing bodies of the Organization, when appropriate.


The MHS Internship Programme can only accommodate a limited number of students. Therefore, acceptance into the Programme is on a ‘first-come, first-served basis based on fulfillment of the eligibility criteria set out below.

  • Students must have a university degree and be enrolled in a master’s program.
  • Enthusiasm, confidence, passion, and drive, coupled with a keen desire for a purposeful and meaningful experience in matters concerning the maritime domain.
  • The willingness to work as a cheerful member of the MHS Team and to contribute meaningfully to its collective and institutional success, with demonstrable honesty of purpose and sincerity of approach.
  • Punctuality and a disciplined and respectful approach to work.

The detailed assignment for the interns is as follows
1. Assist Director MHS and Senior Research Associates (SRAs) with their respective projects
2. Assist in ongoing research at the MHS
3. Attend various events of the MHS and other conferences which are related to MHS research focus
4. research inputs on a particular topic instructed by the SRA
5. Write original research article as directed
6. Perform administration and secretarial duties as needed
7. Undertake other assignments as designated by the Director


Internships are offered for periods of four weeks to a maximum of three months. Starting dates are at the beginning of the month and mid-month.

Cost Incurred

MHS internships are unpaid. Interns or their sponsoring institutions are responsible for the cost of travel, insurance, accommodation and living expenses.


The acceptance of students for the internship at MHS is subject to the clear understanding that their stay does not entail financial implications, legal obligations or liabilities for the Organization.


The intern needs to be physically present from 0900h and 0530h (Monday to Friday) respectively.