The Maritime History Society (MHS), under the aegis of the Western Naval Command, came into being in 1978 to rekindle interest and spread awareness of our maritime traditions and heritage amongst the naval fraternity as also to the public at large. MHS has been strongly involved in research, academic writings, publications, as well as events pertaining to the maritime domain.

As part of MHS functions, the MHS collection is of vital importance and requires to be brought to the fore through the creation of museum space and exhibition gallery. The Collection and Content internship program shall assist in establishing the footing on which the MHS library and museum shall function.

Details of Assignment for Collection and Content Interns

Assist Director MHS and Senior Research Associate in the following:

  1. Acquire and maintain a familiarity and knowledge of the Institute’s collections, exhibitions, and programs, both ongoing and upcoming.
  2. Cataloguing and Archiving of Library books, Periodicals, Artifacts and Collections.
  3. Assist in data entry and analysis
  4. Assist in maintaining condition reports on all objects.
  5. Assist with activities that help promote MHS vision, enhance public participation, and encourage community awareness.
  6. Assist in creating digital maritime experience in collaboration with MHS team.
  7. Undertake other assignments as designated by the Director.
  1. Graduate in any field with preference in History/ Mass Media/ museology
  2. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Workspace
  3. Be able to visit MHS Premises (Fort) on all working days.
  4. Good writing and communication skills – English
  Additional Qualifications
  1. Video editing skills
  2. Photography skills
  3. Research skills