National Maritime Heritage Conclave 2020

Inaugural Session

NMHC Theme

Attended by Apex Level Policy Influencers, the opening session had set stage for the Conclave.

  • Welcome Address: Cmde Odakkal Johnson, Director Maritime History Society
  • Inaugural Address: Vice Admiral RB Pandit, AVSM, Chief of Staff WNC & Chairman MHS
  • Thematic Address: Prof (Dr) S Shanthakumar, Director-in-Charge, Gujrat Maritime University, Gandhinagar
  • Keynote Address: Prof (Dr) Vasant Shinde, Director General, National Maritime Museum, Lothal, Gujarat

Frame I: “Coastal Communities”

Thematic Session 1

A plenary session dedicated to Coastal Communities. It had select scholars presenting their papers followed by an interactive conversation.

  • Welcome & Introduction: Mr Dennard D’Souza, Research Associate, MHS
  • Opening Remarks: Prof (Dr) Radhika Seshan
  • Session Moderator: Prof (Dr) Radhika Seshan
  • Lead Panelists: Prof (Dr) Ranabir Chakravarti, Cdr (Dr) Kalesh Mohanan, Ms Leora Pezarkar, Dr Andre Baptista and Mr Dennard D’Souza
  • Summing Up and Closing Comments: Prof (Dr) Radhika Seshan

Special Session

Special Session

The Special Session was dedicated to two important activities undertaken by Maritime History Society. One was the announcement of the winners of the JG Nadkarni Memorial Essay Competition. The second highlight was the release of a musical tribute to the boatmen of India called Sagara penned by Director MHS Cmde Odakkal Johnson.

  • Opening Comments: Rear Admiral RJ Nadkarni, AVSM, VSM
  • Announcement of Adm KG Nadkarni Memorial Essay Competition Winners: Rear Admiral V Srinivas , NM and Capt Gajanan Karanjikar
  • Release of Special Musical Tribute to the Boatmen: Dr Gita Kasturi
  • Closing Comments: Dr Soni Wadhwa, Joint Director MHS

Frame II: “Influence of Women in Indian Maritime History”

Thematic Session 2

This session was a thought-provoking enquiry into the role of women across Indian Maritime History.

  • Welcome & Introduction: Ms Amruta Talawadekar
  • Preliminary Conversation with Panelists: Lt Cdr Rajeshwari Kori (Retd), Ms Sucheta Jadhav and Ms Reshma Nilofer
  • Pre-Modern & Modern Journey: Ms Poorvi Shriyan and Ms Amruta Talawadekar
  • Moderated Audience Interaction
  • Closing Conversation with Panelists: Lt Cdr Rajeshwari Kori (Retd), Ms Sucheta Jadhav and Ms Reshma Nilofer

Frame III: “Trans-Maritime Connectivity across IOR”

Thematic Session 3

The third session was a scholarly session with paper presentations on trans-national connectivity across the Indian Ocean Region.

  • Welcome & Introduction: Ms Aishwarya Devasthali
  • Session Moderator – Prof (Dr) Lakshmi Subramanian
  • Paper I: Cmde Ajay Agarwal, "Indian Dhows - Connecting the Gulf of Kachchh to the Persian Gulf"
  • Paper II: Cmde Sanjay D’Cunha, VSM, "The Cultural - Civilizational Impact On Chinese And Indian New Regionalism In The Indian Ocean"
  • Paper III: Ms Aishwarya Devasthali, "India, Africa and the Indian Ocean: Reviewing Interconnections in Archaeological Perspective"
  • Moderated Discussion & Audience Interaction
  • Summing Up and Closing Comments: Prof (Dr) Lakshmi Subramanian

Valedictory Session

Valedictory Session

The valedictory session summarised the key take aways from the different sessions of the conclave. The Patron's valedictory address set the expectations for the future goals and objectives at Maritime History Society.

  • Conclave Round Up: Dr Soni Wadhwa, Joint Director MHS
  • Valedictory Address: Vice Admiral AR Karve (Retd), Patron MHS
  • Vote of Thanks & Closing Instructions: Cmde Vikram Bakshi, NM, Additional Director MHS