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It brings us great pleasure to present before you the first edition of our Newsletter for the year 2020. The focus of this edition was the 40th Annual Seminar. The theme of the Seminar was ‘Maritime Heritage: Learning through Cultural Engagement’. Vice Adm RB Pandit, Chairman MHS in his Inaugural Address emphasised the significance of Oceans and India’s Maritime legacy.

The Keynote Address by Cmde Uday Bhaskar (Retd) gave a detailed overview of India’s Maritime Heritage starting from the earliest period to the recent times. The first working session was titled ‘International Waters: Sea as a Cultural Connector’. The moderator Cmde Srikant Kesnur and the two panelists Cmde Gautam Marwaha and Sandeep Unnithan appraised the impact of the sea on literature and the broader cultural ethos of the nation.

The second session titled “Ship Building Heritage of India” saw the young research team of MHS present papers on ‘Shipbuilding Heritage of Mandvi’ and ‘18th and 19th Century Bombay Docks’. The session was moderated by Dr Rashna Poncha.

The Seminar helped in enhancing the Maritime Consciousness among the school and college students including NCC cadets. The presence of a diverse audience for the Seminar highlighted the presence of a multidimensional Maritime Culture and Traditions in India. They interacted well and questioned the scholars about contemporary challenges which play a role in creating awareness and safeguarding India’s maritime legacy.

A great and encouraging take away was the keen interest in young and old alike to study more about Indian Maritime Heritage. MHS is confident of a wide support base in its endeavours.

Sam Noh Varunah

Director MHS