Date(s) - September 15, 2022
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Monsoon Maritime Lecture III

About the Lecture

Since 1993 the MHS has been regularly hosting three to four Monsoon Series Lectures each year. These are now renamed as Monsoon Maritime Lecture. As part of this monsoon maritime lecture, the theme  for Monsoon Maritime Lecture III is “The Eksar Stele:  Lapidary Memory of a Naval Battle off the Konkan Coast” by Prof (Dr) Suraj Pandit is scheduled on Thrusday 15 Sep 2022 at Capt Mahendranath Mulla Auditorium, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005

About the Theme

At Eksar, now a small locality on the Salsette Island near Borivali, Mumbai and not far from the Gaothan area, a group of memorial stones can be seen. These carved stones are more than 5 feet in height and are notable piece of art. Literary sources give us details about the fall of Someshwara, the last king of the Shilahara dynasty in a naval battle. Some of the scholars opine that this depiction on the Eksar Herostones is none other than the last battle between Shilaharas and Yadawas. This lapidary memory is not an isolated piece depicting naval battle found in Mumbai. Another small memorial stone, though slightly of a later date, found at Mahim and presently in Malum Police Station, depicts a hero who died in the naval battle. These evidences indicate that naval battles were possibly frequent and common instances in the early medieval period.

Speakers Biodata

Suraj A. Pandit is an archaeologist and art historian. He has Master’s degree in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology from Deccan College Deemed University and in Buddhist Studies from Mumbai University. He did his doctoral thesis on Kanheri Caves from Mumbai University. He has published NINE books and more than 60 research articles in various National and International Journals. He is known for his popular writings on ‘Cultural Heritage of Mumbai’. Presently he is Professor and Head of Departments of Ancient Indian Culture and Buddhist Studies at Sathaye College, Mumbai. He is an active researcher in the field of Archaeology, Heritage and Culture. He has many research projects competed at his credit. He has been teaching Ancient Indian Cuture and Archaeology for more than 20 years at Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.