The Unsung Hero: Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla Maitre Shah, Research Intern, Maritime History Society

Image 1 Potrait of Captain Mahendranath Mulla. Source – Maritime History Society Archives

09 December 1971, was a fateful day. In the midst of the 1971 Indo-Pak War, the Pakistani Naval Ship (PNS) Hangor torpedoed and sank the Indian Naval Ship (INS) Khukri (F149). 09 December 2022 marks 51 years since the Type 14 blackwood class anti-submarine frigate INS Khukri sank. The Commanding Officer of the ship, Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla chose to go down with the majestic vessel along with 18 officers and 176 sailors who lost their lives. Let us take a trip down the memory lane and commemorate the gallantry of Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla.



A country stands strong with the support of its citizens. The endless efforts of the nation builders and the sacrifices of its military personnel has made India a strong and progressive nation. The limitless endeavors of the officers serving in the defence services have constituted India to be a militarily powerful and assertive nation. Today, the Indian Navy (IN) in particular is a multi-dimensional force. There are several unsung heroes who have worked relentlessly to serve the nation. One such hero was INS Khukri’s Commanding Officer, Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla. Continue reading “The Unsung Hero: Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla Maitre Shah, Research Intern, Maritime History Society”

Reminiscing the Past: INS Khukri

By Ms Maitre Shah, Research Intern, Maritime History Society


In the Indo-Pak War of 1971, at the naval frontiers many warships played important roles, INS Khukri (F149) being one of them. INS Khukri was attacked and sunk during the war. To commemorate its valour, a Khukri class corvette was commissioned in the same name. 23 August 2022 marks the 33rd commissioning anniversary of the Indian Naval Ship INS Khukri (P49). On this day, let us revisit the past and reminisce the journey of both the majestic vessels. Continue reading “Reminiscing the Past: INS Khukri”

Vanguard of the Skies and the Seas: INAS 300

By Ms Sadaf Khan, Archive and Collection Associate, Maritime History Society

Leading Fighter Air Squadron of the Indian Navy, the White Tigers was commissioned on 07 July 1960 by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit, the then High Commissioner of India in Brawdy, Whales UK. During the commissioning ceremony Mrs. Pandit gave the Squadron its Crest- ‘White Tiger of Rewa’. With nine gallantry awards and unaccountable achievements in many major operations, White Tigers is one of the only squadrons to have operated in all three fighter aircrafts of the Indian Navy, the Sea Hawks, Sea Harrier and MiG-29K; and from all three Aircraft Carrier Ships I.e. INS Vikrant (R11), INS Viraat (R22) and INS Vikramaditya. Continue reading “Vanguard of the Skies and the Seas: INAS 300”

INS Vidyut – A Saga of Courage & Fortitude

By Janhavi Lokegaonkar, Senior Research Associate, Maritime History Society

The ‘Killer’ Squadron of the Indian Navy is a proud inheritor of a rich legacy, laced with exploits of valour, grit and ingenuity of the highest order. The exploits of the squadron on the fateful nights of 04 and 08 December 1971, not only created the legend of the Killers but also a distinct Killer ethos and identity, which survives to this date.

Continue reading “INS Vidyut – A Saga of Courage & Fortitude”