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The Maritime History Society (MHS), under the aegis of the Western Naval Command, came into being in 1978 to rekindle interest and spread awareness of our maritime traditions and heritage amongst the naval fraternity as also to the public at large. In this endeavor, MHS is guided by its inspiring vision – “The Maritime History Society seeks to evolve into a body of eminence in the field of Maritime History through nurturing of historical research among young mariners, showcase Indian Maritime Heritage and publication of emerging perspectives for a resurgent and vibrant Maritime India.”

Job Description of Joint Director (Research)

  1. Job Title : Joint Director (Research)

  2. Reports to : Director/Head of Research

  3. Broad Requirement : Joint Director (Research) needs to promote MHS endeavour to enhance maritime consciousness through a range of initiatives as per identified focus areas.

  4. Responsibilities and Duties

    • Operational Functions
      1. To guide daily/weekly maritime assignments by the research team and editorial contents of MHS Research Reports.
      2. To project MHS on the social media front with appropriate content.
      3. Promote MHS content on appropriate platforms, by enabling papers, articles, books and leading the same.
    • Administrative Functions
      1. To select, guide, monitor and mentor the research team to accomplish MHS Vision.
      2. To be responsible for undertaking continued professional development ensuring skill levels relating to research & enterprise best practice are kept up to date within the team.
      3. To undertake such duties as may reasonably be requested and that are commensurate with the nature and grade of the post.
    • Financial and Logistical Functions
      1. To network/liaison with eminent historians, naval maritime scholars, experts from maritime museums and university heads.
      2. Strategize for a smooth extension of MHS objectives and building relationships to increase collaborative working opportunities.

  5. Formal Qualifications
    • PhD in Subject of interest of Society.
    • Record of participation and paper presentation in National/International academic seminars.
    • Published Academic work in peer reviewed international journals.
    • Published monograph or books in subject specialization.

  6. Work Experience : Teaching experience at a post graduate level or Research supervision experience of a min of 3 years.

  7. Age Constraints : Below 50 Years as of 31 Dec 20. If 50 Years or above, a medical fitness may be sought from candidate.

  8. Desired Qualities
    • Based in Mumbai / Thane District with own arrangement of Accommodation and willingness to Travel daily to South Mumbai.
    • Has basic knowledge of MS Office tools and can handle IT related activities.
    • Aware of Publishing tools like Adobe Indesign/Photoshop and Coreldraw.
    • Managed a team of 03 to 05 Senior/Junior Researchers for the around 2-3 years.

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