Events-Save the Date


As part of the Monsoon Musings I, MHS had held a webinar on 02 July 2021, commemorating the death anniversary of CNS Late Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni. He was not only the 14th Chief of Naval Staff but also a Chief Patron of MHS. To continue the commemoration, we are glad to announce an Essay Competition in memory of Late Adm J G Nadkarni. Register to the event


MHS is proud to announce Kalasagar 2021 Annual Visual Arts Competition under the theme of “Oceans and Communities”. We invite participants for video submissions with a focus on these indigenous coastal communities and their ties to the ocean and the sea. Register here


MHS announced the Monsoon Musing III of 2021 to be conducted on 07 September. Based on the theme of “Emerging scope for Underwater Cultural Heritage and Maritime Archaeology”, the symposium is organised as a tribute to the Late Vice Admiral M P Awati, Founder of MHS. The curtain raiser article  – Ships and Sailors in Sacred lore: A Curtain Raiser to the MP Awati Commemorative Symposium 2021 can be read here. Register for the event here