AAM-Ambassador (retd) Yogendra Kumar

Ambassador Yogendra Kumar retired from the Indian Foreign Service in 2012 in the rank of Secretary to the government of India. At the time of his retirement, he was Indian Ambassador to the Philippines, with concurrent accreditation to the Pacific island countries of Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. He has, earlier, been High Commissioner to Namibia and Ambassador to Tajikistan (2000-03) during which period he also handled Afghanistan affairs. He has served on the faculty of the National Defence College and, in the Ministry of External Affairs, he has handled multilateral organisations/dialogues such as G8-G5 Dialogue, ASEAN, EAS, IBSA, IORA etc. Since retirement, he has been writing and speaking on foreign policy and security affairs.

His book, ‘Diplomatic Dimension of Maritime Challenges for India in the 21st Century’, has been published in 2015 by the Pentagon Press. He has edited and contributed to the book, ‘Whither Indian Ocean Maritime Order?’, containing presentations/articles by eminent security and foreign service experts at a seminar organised by him in November, 2016, on Prime Minister’s landmark speech on Indian Ocean policy. Published by Knowledge World in 2017, this book was presented by the Indian delegation to the participating delegations, headed by their respective heads of state/government, at the First Indian Ocean Rim Association Leaders’ Summit in Jakarta in March, 2017. In 2020, Routledge have published his book, ‘Geopolitics in the Era of Globalisation: Mapping an Alternative Global Future’, in US, Europe and South Asia editions. He can be contacted on mr_yogendra_kumar@hotmail.com.