Reminiscing About Life On Submarines During COVID Isolation

Submariners have been prepping for decades for ‘Extreme Isolation’.

The above tweet was the prompt for this article. Whilst, there appears to be a subtle similarity between life on board a submarine and the current way of life under a lock down, it needs to be viewed from the perspective of absorbing certain survival skills in a difficult environment and maintaining a strong collective desire towards mission accomplishment. Submariners being more prepared…. well yes, most of us are a well-trained, disciplined, optimistic and buoyant lot. Submariners all over the world have at some time or the other experienced close or unforgettable encounters, operating at depths within the confines of a steel tube and have survived to tell the tale. Indian naval submariners are a resilient bunch, often light-heartedly wishing their brethren dolphiners one more surfacing than the number of dives and a fathom below keel always as a prayer to keep returning from sorties to narrate and laugh at such experiences.

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